Some of Our Successes

The Kotlyarsky Law Firm is dedicated to reaching excellent outcomes for its clients in insurance disputes, immigration matters, and general litigation.

Our attorneys have litigated and resolved numerous disputes on behalf of their clients, representing their interests through all stages of negotiation, settlement, trial, and in appellate litigation as well. Below are just a few of our recent successes.

Prevailed in $1.276m Indemnification Claim

Dmitriyev v. Tower Ins. Co. of N.Y. Successfully represented client in dismissing $1.276 million indemnification claim by proving negligent supervision on part of insured not in scope of policy.

Obtained Reversal of Summary Judgment Denial

CastlePoint Ins. Co. v. Jaipersaud. Defining the phrase “number of families” to mean the manner in which the premises is configured.

Won Summary Judgment Enforcing Occupancy Limitations

Dauria v. CastlePoint Ins. Co. Insured premises was not a two-family dwelling regardless of use because it contained three separate, habitable units.