coverage litigation

Coverage Litigation New York

We provide counsel to individuals, business owners, and insurers involved in insurance coverage disputes.

Representing Insurers and Insured Parties

The attorneys of the Kotlyarsky Law Firm have extensive experience working as in-house counsel at some of the nation’s largest insurers. In that capacity, they worked with insurers and businesses to achieve favorable, efficient, and fair results.

Our attorneys have a long history of litigating both first-party (the policyholder vs. the insurer) and third-party (an injured third party vs. the insurer) disputes, from negotiation and settlement to litigation/appeals.

At the Kotlyarsky Law Firm, we work to ensure that the operative terms of insuring agreements are enforced by the courts, and that our clients receive the benefit of their contract. We are able to represent both policyholders and insurers, drawing on our unique experience in all dynamics of the insurance industry.

Types of Coverage Disputes

We counsel/litigate coverage claims under many types of policies including:

  • Homeowner’s Policies (Flood/Fire)
  • Health/Medical Insurance
  • Automobile (Property and Medical)
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance
  • Construction Accident Insurance
  • Business Owner’s Policies
  • Commercial General Liability

While many law firms represent only policyholders or insurers, we have the vast experience to work with both plaintiffs asserting coverage claims and the insurers defending against claims in all types of coverage disputes.

Our attorneys represent liability insurers involved in coverage disputes as well as businesses or individuals who have suffered property or businesses losses and have been denied coverage.

We also work with business owners and trade contractors to litigate actions involving insured exposure for first- or third-party claims and to develop insurance risk management strategies in all areas of their business.

Finally, we represent insurance clients in risk transfer matters, meaning those cases where a party has two levels of coverage – “additional insured” cases – and liability is disputed.